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Abterra trades coking coal, coke and iron ore in Australia, India, Indonesia and China. By acquiring upstream assets such as coking coal mines, iron ore mines, coke plants, logistic units, Abterra aims to differentiate itself by having control over the inputs in its core trading business.

Tapping on the competitive advantage of a strong parent company, General Nice Resources (Hong Kong) Ltd., Abterra is able to leverage on its concrete branding and expertise to establish a strong foothold in China, swinging its doors to welcome extensive investment opportunities.

Abterra Ltd. is listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Stock Exchange and got its name from the Latin translation of “Fruits of the Earth”, which aptly reflects the strategic direction the organization pursues.

In October 2006, General Nice Resources (Hong Kong) Limited successfully acquired a majority stake in Abterra Ltd., becoming the major shareholder of Abterra Ltd.